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What is Anomy? The state of anomy is much the same as smelling some smoke and after which makes you confused and lost. The real definition of it is: "A state or condition of individuals or society characterized by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values."
This concept has emerged in 1893 with French sociologist Ă‰mile Durkheim. According to him, some people might experience Anomy, especially there's a sudden change in their circumstances. One good example will be the Japanese soldiers after world war 2 where their economy started to pick up after they went back to their homeland after the war.
Besides this example, another example could be for the modern world people; as the digital economy started to pick up and transform thousands and millions of lives, those who are not technology savvy might choose to give up learning new things and shows an emotion of apathy. A minority of those might experienced anger and frustration too.

Below is a video of my own persona…

Crypto Currency


Recently a lot of people talked about crypto currency.

Previously I wrote about Bitcoin and also share it on a video here which had already made me some money which I managed to cash it out to my bank account.

Today, I'm going to share with you an app called PIVOT which also allows you to earn bitcoin as you read and share some posts. It is totally unlike FaceBook which doesn't makes you any money as you read or share any postings.

As I wrote about this, I knew another friend, named Leon Lim who owns Leoacle Consulting and wants to leverage businesses using digital technology to navigate their clients in this ever changing world. And as a business consultant, they provide insights to help their clients to strategies, identify and disrupt their competitors' industry.


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