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What is Anomy? The state of anomy is much the same as smelling some smoke and after which makes you confused and lost. The real definition of it is: "A state or condition of individuals or society characterized by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values."
This concept has emerged in 1893 with French sociologist Ă‰mile Durkheim. According to him, some people might experience Anomy, especially there's a sudden change in their circumstances. One good example will be the Japanese soldiers after world war 2 where their economy started to pick up after they went back to their homeland after the war.
Besides this example, another example could be for the modern world people; as the digital economy started to pick up and transform thousands and millions of lives, those who are not technology savvy might choose to give up learning new things and shows an emotion of apathy. A minority of those might experienced anger and frustration too.

Below is a video of my own persona…

One of the simplest way to make money online

how to make money online in Singapore

Simplest way to make money online

When we talk about making money online, most are very skeptical. One of the main reasons is because most have been scammed by online scumbags before, which literally broke the dreams of many to make money online.

I was lucky enough to learn through the lesson of others, and each time I came across any online opportunities, I tend to be very careful. 
Though most already knew that we do can make money online by doing some surveys, others might not believe as they have being tricked into putting in money into a nonsense system before they can start to make money online.

Therefore, the video below was created to show you how to make money online (especially if you are residing in Singapore) by doing surveys which usually lasted for less than 5 minutes.
If you haven't make your first dollar online, please watch the video below and start to do it. Because every baby steps that you take, it will lead you to the dream that you desire.

If this is not enough for you, fear not! There is one more way which you would like to try over HERE.


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